CHANEL is one of the most timeless fashion house’s in the world, respectively so. With the fashion house’s leading man, Karl Lagerfeld, there is no denying that every collection will be near perfection. The CHANEL Spring 2011 collection is absolutely NO exception.

This Spring, Lagerfeld has outdone himself, yet again. The bodies, the colour palettes, the fabrics, the vintage 20’s appeal…this collection might make your heart skip a beat.

The collection is magical, street style mixed with girlie romance. As Lagerfeld put it after the show, the structure of almost every piece is made “pearl by pearl, thread by thread” ( The garments, are so detailed and so particular, they are masterpieces in their own right.

What details that really struck out to me where the button details on the jackets and pants, and the accent of a giant square belt as a staple for many of the collection’s looks. The sequined pants were perfect in every single way, and the assortment of layering bottoms really created unique looks that were very chic.

Below are my favorite looks. Let me warn you, this might make your wallet want to explode as every look is beautiful and significant in their own right, these are just the looks I would wear myself.


All images via Visit the site for the full runway show.

What are your thoughts on the CHANEL Spring 2011 collection?

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