camouflage pants

There is one print I either love, or really dislike: camouflage. Sometime’s I think it can be so effortlessly chic, the other times I can’t tolerate it. Regardless, the days I love it, I rock it. I guess that’s what happens with all of us right? What are some trends you have a love/hate relationship with?

Camouflage can be a great statement print. Today’s look I wear it on my pants. Another way I love to wear camouflage is in a t-shirt. Grab a pair of olive skinnies and throw the camouflage t-shirt on with a pair of nude pumps and you’re ready to go. With pants, I kept the top very neutral with black. Black is my favorite color to wear and I always try to incorporate it into every outfit I wear.

Sorry for the one image, this is a quickie post 🙂



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  1. Sorry, cannot see the pants in the photo. As always, your hair and makeup look amazing. Love the heels and tip. Just wish the pants were visible

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