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As I told you in my earlier post, I attended a fabulous event for 2b stores. 2b is a sister store of the brand, Bebe. Their concept is fun, flirty fashion 24/7! I was so happy to be part of this event and I am glad to be able to share it with you.

The event was held at the 2b store on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills, California. We first met at the Farm in Beverly Hills to have a delicious lunch paired with some delicious conversation. After we all made our way to the store and were welcomed by the wonderful staff and 13 naked mannequins. The mannequins were soon dressed by the flurry of fashionistas for the 2b L.A Blogger Style-Off!

The looks we created were based on our different personalities and personal style and everyone did such an amazing job! I am so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing bloggers in the Los Angeles area. I will post looks from the bloggers and when you’re done viewing, you can VOTE for you favorite look at the 2b page and also have a chance to win $250 for yourself!

The AMAZING 2b team!

The bloggers’ looks are all on display at the 2b store in Beverly Hills, California store on Beverly Dr.

Below are the looks from ALL the bloggers. When you’re done browsing and you really liked one, we would LOVE to have your vote in the 2b contest. By voting for your favorite look you can also win a $250 gift card from 2b stores.  You can vote here.

1. LOOK #6 (in the contest) is mine! (Please free to vote for it :))

2. LOOK #1: Tiara from the Dope Girl

3. LOOK #2 Amy from Fashion Roi 

4. LOOK #3 Ariana from La Catrina de la Moda

5. LOOK #4 Neekoh from LiveLoveLA

6. LOOK #5 Erica from Sweets & Hearts .

7. LOOK #7 Olivia from Fashion Salade

8. LOOK #8 Sydne from ThinkThruFashion

9. LOOK #9 Lara from What’s Haute in the Streets

10. LOOK #10 Chanelle from the Penelope Times

11. LOOK #11 Kelsi from Dedicated Follower of Fashion 

12. LOOK #12 Jenny from Good, Bad & Fab

Please be sure to vote for YOUR favorite look ( if it’s mine, woo hoo 😉 ). All of us worked very hard in creating looks and we would love your support! Also, by voting you have a chance at winning $250 for yourself! Thank you for your support!

Also, be sure to check out all the blogs of my fabulously talented fellow bloggers!


Thanks to LookBookLA for the images & TwoPointOhLA blogging community.

Leave a comment and tell me whose look you loved and why!

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  1. I love the way the ladies have accessorized and layered their looks. It’s so hard to pick a favorite. If I were on FB, I’d vote! By the way, I think I saw you at the Two Point Oh event, but didn’t have the chance to say hi. Good luck in the contest!

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