The Recessionista: Splurge or Save?

I am always torn between those two words, Splurge or Save?

I would like to save on many things, especially designer and splurge by getting more for my money. But of course, it’s hard to do so.

I did manage to find a top I absolutely love from Bailey 44 for a lot less than the retail price of the original!

Here is the dreamy top retailing at Bloomingdales for $218

Bailey 44 “Up The Ante” Chain Neck Tank

I managed to find a top almost IDENTICAL for only $48. I took a picture of it with my camera phone and of course, I had to buy it! It was a dream come true!

Here is the $48 version.

Blush Boutique’s “Chain Neck Tank”.

Blush Boutique is one of my favorite stores and they are always bringing in new merchandise every week! They have two locations, one in Encino, and one in Calabasas.

Here is their website with the address for both locations including the telephone number, also, they have a really awesome blog full of fun fashion updates!

The Site:

Blush Boutique

The Fashion Blog:

Haus Of Fashion

I will have more posts for “The Recessionista” later this week with more fabulous affordable fashion for you!


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