Thanksgiving in Ohio

What a whirlwind week! The past 9 days I have spent in Wilmington, Ohio and it was one of the best trips I have had. I love spending Thanksgiving with my boyfriends family and I love the small town of Wilmington because of it’s beauty and those in it. Below are just some pictures I took while there. I accidentally deleted all my images from my Iphone that had some really great images, but here’s a slideshow of random images. Just thought I’d share the magical time I had!

Special THANK YOU to my boyfriend and his wonderful family; Tara, Patricia, Dave, Becky, Gunner, Jesse, Gene & Margaret for making this a wonderful vacation and Thanksgiving! Also, special love to the animals in the family: Sage, Ollie, Carmen, Cedar, Jersey, Roxy, Feliz, Annie, Barney, and Lucky Loo.

New outfit posts coming later this week!


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