Well how about that Superbowl Sunday, right? Okay, I don’t really have any idea about American football, but it was fun to watch. Last weekend I got to watch the game, eat amazing unhealthy food and see a live band perform. Here’s the best part, the band was Metal Mariachi band! It was amazing. I don’t think I’ve hear such epic music and seen such energy. They were called Metalachi and it was so fun to watch them and listen to them rock the stage at this party I was at.

I don’t wear jerseys of sports paraphernalia so I opted for black…and plaid!

If you were watching, who did you root for? I was rooting for Seahawks for 1 reason: I like their uniform colors better. That’s how you pick a team right? Uniform colors? Aaaaaand I’m done embarrassing self!

Oh, and I’ve been on a Disney high, hence the post title. Don’t judge me- I need to find someone to take me to Disneyland ASAP!

Black leather jacket: Custom made from Istanbul, Heels: Saint Laurent (get them here), Sunglasses: Prada (get them here), Flannel blouse: Forever 21 (similar here), Black  Sweater Leggings: Angl (similar here).

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