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Hi dolls!

Only until the past week or so has Los Angeles started to finally feel the wrath of winter, and by winter I mean some rain and 55 degrees during the day and mid forties at night. But, prior to this sudden cool-down and much needed change, it was reaching the high 70’s and that was when I was fortunate enough to be part of a fun photoshoot with the swimwear/activewear brand, Odina.

Odina is a company based in Southern California and uses recycled and reclaimed fabrics to create their garments which is amazing! Not only do they do their part to make the environment better, they provide us with adorable swimwear and activewear to keep us looking and feeling strong and awesome. Another great thing about this brand is that they make all their garments in U.S.A!

We shot at a gorgeous location called Temescal Canyon which is a stunning hiking trail/park a mere five minutes from the beach. There were so many beautiful places to explore and to be honest, I was a little nervous, because not only was I excited to get a behind the scenes look of the photoshoot, I got to get some pictures snapped as well (hello nerves!!!). I’m not a model, and shooting an outfit and lifestyle image is completely different than lifestyle activewear. For me, a quick hip pop, a laugh and a cheesy smile work but when trying to be more “athletic” and “natural” was strangely hard! Regardless of my own inner criticism, I had the best time and we got some super fun photos!

I really fell in love with this brand because the swimwear and activewear were very inspiring. The designs were so adorable it gave me the instant motivation to go run, hit the weights, do some yoga…I mean, when you look that cute, you want to show it off right? Anyhow, I love the designs because they have something for everyone. Whether you’re a sexy details kind of a gal, or more demure, there is something for everyone. I like the mix of sexy and simple, so pairing one their sexy stringy tops with a modest bottom is my go to! Either/or, Odina allows you to mix and match your pieces for a look that’s completely you!

Another key ingredient that drew me to Odina was how comfortable their swimwear and activewear is. I personally struggle with finding a pair of pants that DON’T fall down or ride up. It felt as though all their garments were made for me, whatever it is, I am so thankful for that. Comfort is key for me, and Odina truly delivers in that department.

One of the best parts of the shoot was going on various mini-adventures while finding locations. There was this stunning fallen tree that created a bridge to connect a a river. Like the adventurer I am, I had to jump on and explore. I pretended I was Tarzan, and it was awesome!

Enjoy a couple images from the photoshoot below and don’t forget to check out Odina! 🙂

Photography by: Jessica Robles

Odina surf
Odina surf
Odina surf
Odina surf

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