Holiday Pink

A quick update…I am officially done with graduate school! I just recieved my Masters in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on Marriage & Family Therapy. 2 years of brutal hard work, life changing experiences and a lot of self-exploration but I did it! The past two months have been brutal with finals, papers and just delving deep into my practicum where I see clients and fashion was the last thing on my mind. But now that it’s done and I just see client’s, I can focus on blogging again!

Today’s post is all pink and pretty! I fell in love this shirt the minute I saw it, and I’m usually an ALL BLACK kind of girl, so this was a step up for me.

Shirt & Leatherette Leggings: c/o Blush Boutique, Heels: Zara

photo 1-34
photo 2-40
photo 3-33
photo 4-14
photo 5-1

2 thoughts on “Holiday Pink”

  1. what is the matter with all your posts lately, just a few pictures and the poses are all the same, your body language is terrible, just not the same girl anymore……very disappointing.

    1. I haven’t had the change to do much actual shooting, but I promise…I’m working on it :). In between work, and the holidays, I just have to do some quick posts!

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