Double Your Peplum, Double Your Fun!

Being a peplum lover, I may have taken a huge risk…but I couldn’t help myself. I wore a peplum skirt and a peplum at the same time. I made sure to mix fabrics so there was some sort of play on texture. I definitely felt over-the-top, but then again…I couldn’t help it :).

skirt: Zara (similar here), leatherette peplum top: c/o ShopJoa (similar here), Jacqueline Metal Cuff Sandal: c/o Bebe (get them here)

3 thoughts on “Double Your Peplum, Double Your Fun!”

  1. WOW — If I may, such natural beauty. Incredible elegance and poise. Summery and fun. Reminds me of Shawn Howes.

  2. Deniz, thank you for replying.

    Shawn Howes is not a celebrity nor in the public eye. However, she is my friend: a special person in my life. And, without a doubt, the most beautiful female on the planet earth. I’m blessed to have her in my life.

    You, Deniz, are Shawn’s twin!

    Wishing you success post classes!

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