After my trip to St.Tropez, I was off to Cannes. I was really looking forward to a mellower environment, as I felt St.Tropez was a little heavy in the “over-the-top” department. Cannes was a splendid change full of energy that wasn’t snooty and the shopping was to-die-for. So many amazing boutiques scattered all around the city. Restaurants are around ever corner and they all looked delicious!

When we arrived, there were fireworks at night, and we could see them from our table in the restaurant…but I wish we were on the beach. Next time!

The city itself is beautiful, the buildings are gorgeous and the city has so much character! Along the beach boardwalk, there were various cut out posters where you could stick your head in and be Cameron Diaz from Charlie’s Angels, or in my case, Jack Sparrow! So cute and complimentary of their well known Film Festival!

I love Cannes and I hope to come for the Film Festival just to experience the city for what it’s well known for!

Here are pictures! Enjoy!

Au Revoir, St. Tropez!

Bonjour Cannes!

MY WHITE BIKINI TOP: SAUVAGE “MON CHERI” WRAP BIKINI TOP ( For those who saw my pictures previously!)

Overall, I loved Cannes! It was a city, with a beach-vibe. The people were super friendly, and laid-back which was a nice change from St.Tropez!

Places to check out:

HOTEL CAVENDISH= Excellent Hotel. Great Rates, and friendly, friendly staff!

CAVEAU 30: Great food, ambiance & wine list!

PLAGE LA CROISETTE: Lots of Beach clubs, great water, fun, and close to the shopping 🙂

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