Bosphorus Nights in LA

Growing up in America I am blessed to be surrounding so many wonderful cultures. I have met many people from various backgrounds and have learned so much. The Turkish community is small here in Southern California  but it’s always so exciting to get together with the small Turkish community with the various events that get thrown.

Last Friday I went to Bosphorus Nights at Geisha House where my best friend, Devran Mustafoglu (DJ D’lish) spun us all into euphoria with house, latin and Turkish beats. There was not one person not dancing and the energy and fashions were the highlight of the party.

Girls were dressed in their best from beachy tunics, monochromatic looks and pops of color, there were trends all over the place.  It was a fun night and I was glad to be part of it. Below is a gallery of pictures from the night; I’m the one in red if you were wondering.

My favorite picture of the night is a group of young Turks doing the Ottoman dance. You won’t find this at your local L.A club…

Such a fun night! Thank you Bosphorus Nights!

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