I’m sure y’all have noticed that pink has been one of my go-to colors this season. Today’s post is no exception. When I first received this dress, I fell out of my chair. Three reasons why: 1. It’s pink! (duh), 2. I love the unique sweetheart top and off shoulder details, 3. It fit like a fairy tale.

This particular dress and color really had me feeling like a real-life Barbie. So, I just owned it. Nothing wrong with a little pretend, right?

My fellow blogger babe, Sazan Barzani and I were in the middle of creating a Cinderella moment for me when we were told we weren’t allowed to take pictures. Le sigh. But alas, here are our pics!

Dress: c/o Luna Boutique (get it here), Shoes: Forever 21, Cuff: Sole Society IMG_3654


Photo Credit: Sazan Barzani

7 thoughts on “Barbie”

  1. Brenda Aguirre

    The dress is not flattering to your upper body. Right on with the color. Neon and bright colors look best on you.

  2. “Unflattering to upper body” is one opinion. My first impression was “elegant” and “tasteful.” This again is one opinion.

    When enjoying new LFM entries I always focus first on Deniz’ breathtaking face and hairdo. Today’s entry had me focus from upper body to face. (Sorry, Deniz!). The matching dress and lipstick accentuate Deniz’ sexy contours that could only look more amazing in person!

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