Ask Deniz: White Men’s Blazers

Question:  I got a nice new white blazer. what kinda shirt do i wear with it? how about pants? can give you several suggestions?

Answer: Blazers are a classic staple in any man, or women’s wardrobe. They can instantly define your look and add sophistication to any ensemble. For men, a blazer should be your go-to item for every outfit, whether it’s daytime or nighttime. White is always a great warm-weather option as it’s light and can bring a sharp edge to any look.

Here are some tips to rock a white blazer without feeling too 80’s.

When wearing a white blazer with jeans, or any kind of denim, keep the sleeves pulled down. Avoid scrunching them, it can appear too sloppy and dated. Jeans are the casual staple, so make your blazer is fitted and perfectly rolled down to take the super casual vibe down a bit.

If you’re wearing a white blazer with a T-shirt, make sure your jeans are dark, or opt for a fitted slack. Stick to basic T-shirts, the more detailed, the sloppier. You want to clean, and sharp.

When wearing your white blazer with a dress pant be sure to have a neutral color slack. Do not go for white-on-white…it just doesn’t look right and can be hard to pull off. A khaki or even navy pant is clean, and black always works.

I love colorful button downs with white blazers, it definitely adds a nice pop. But since white is such a bold color and stand out, opt for more pastel-like hues. Baby blue is my personal favorite with khakis…add that white blazer and voila!

One of my favorite looks is from a DETAILS magazine shoot with Robert Pattinson:

If solid pastels are not up your alley, try a nice slim striped button down. Maybe a soft navy stripe will do the trick? If you want something bolder, do a coral stripe, or green.

When it comes to shoes, the cleaner the better. I personally love a nice oxford or loafer, or any kind of dress shoe. A blazer adds a bit of class to any outfit, so the shoe matters. If you’re more urban-chic, opt for a clean sneaker…I love Creative Recreation, but of course, Converse is always a classic.

Depending on your personal style, wear it how you feel best. These tips are just a few suggestions.

A white blazer should be the compliment to the outfit you already feel confident wearing. So, be sure your base look makes you feel good and the blazer will do it’s job right.

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  1. I actually just bought my first white blazer (you dont see them a lot here in Boston) and I am OBSESSED with it. Awesome post, and I definitely think white blazers adds on to any outfit..especially with a nice bright statement shoe!

    Miss Neira

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