Gold Shoulder

Today I was in downtown doing something special for something I can’t yet say! But, I promise, January will be a month of excitement! After I did my “top secret” thing, I headed over to lunch. I found this cool bar call Far Bar, and it was a very neat spot. Every beer you can imagine, they had, and the alley way was gorgeous. Of course, I had to take to an impromptu outfit shoot. Come 2012, I will working on the actual outfit posts more, to the quality is better for you.

Today I wore one of my new favorite sweaters, my 2b by bebe sequin shoulder tunic, and I paired it with my leatherette shorts, and leather knee-length boots. I added some animal print to play off the taupe. Who says mixing black and brown   is wrong? I also added some leather tassel earrings for some funk.

SEQUIN SWEATER:  c/o 2B by Bebe





Heather Grey Sequin Sweater – $86Sara Berman Leather Shorts- $135ASOS Leopard Satchel- $145ALDO “Stingle” $111

5 thoughts on “Gold Shoulder”

  1. Better fashion blog than most of the other ragtag garish disasters of style I see in these creative experiments. Putting yourself smack dab in cityscape scenery with chunks of walls flaking off and on the sidewalk, dazzling. But I’d like to see you digging into the terms of all the styles, naming, faming, so that I can learn from it and know what to call clothes.

    1. Thank you jjhausman. I try to keep it realistic, because it’s not natural for a girl to be in the wilderness “posing”. To me, fashion needs to be real. I don’t photoshop, nor do I plan days to wear five outfits and shoot them in a model-esque way. So sometimes if I’m out and about, I’ll take pictures around cool textured walls, or whatever catches my eye.

      When you say you want to see me digging into the terms of all styles, anything specific? I try to branch out and play with textures, colors, and trends. I typically don’t put together over-the-top fashion looks unless I am going to an event. I just showcase what I wear on a day-to-day basis.

      I love input and I also do menswear posts at times, so if you ever have a fashion question for menswear, I can do a post for you. You can always e-mail me:

      Happy Holidays to you!

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